Christian Lead Guitarist who is gifted in Music Ministry


Christian Liberty Church, a new church plant, is an outreach ministry which proclaims Jesus Christ and is purposed to serve God's people (Matthew 20:28, where Jesus stated that He: "...did not come to be served but to serve").


We are seeking a skilled Christian Bass player who is gifted in Music Ministry.  The successful candidate will be experienced with the many genres of Christian music (Worship and Praise, Hymns, gospel and contemporary gospel).


Additional qualifications required for the position are:


  • Be available to play for worship service each Sunday and for special services.

  • Be available and prepared for rehearsals once a week

  • Be faithful and a dependable person who can aid in advancing our Music Ministry.

  • Most importantly, the preferred candidate will be able to assist our Worship and Praise Team in setting an atmosphere of Worship and Praise each Sunday in preparation to hear the preached Word of God


You may email the church at to submit a resume’, to submit inquiries, or to request an interview or call the ministry Center at 410-523-LOVE (5683)


Weekly Worship Services for Christian Liberty Church are held @ 10:00 a. m. each Sunday at Frederick Douglass High School,

2301 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore, MD, 21217


Thank you for your interest in serving this ministry and may God bless you.