CLC Ministry Descriptions

Audio/Visual/Media Ministry

The audio/visual ministry is responsible for setup, maintenance, coordination, and use of the church’s audio, visual, and lighting technology used during services and for other special on and off-site events. Included in the duties of this ministry are the recording audio and video taping during regular church services; the production, duplication, and distribution of recorded audio and video files to fulfill order requests for sermon messages and other special events.

Children’s Sunday School

The purpose of this ministry is to provide Bible-based teaching and lessons in an understandable way for children of various ages through Bible stories and as well as through creative methods of learning.  The teachings about God and His creation, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the significance of the Trinity seek to provide the children with the knowledge needed in their lives as well as in the lives of others.  The lessons will provide a sound Christian foundation for the children as they progress from grade to grade.

Church Administration

The purpose of this ministry is to take responsibility for the administrative duties of the church. These duties include, but are not limited to:  the development and dissemination of pastoral correspondence, the development of letters, miscellaneous correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, the maintenance of office data, scheduling, and ensuring that all church literature (i.e. announcements, church email communiqué, etc) are complete and in order, and various other types of communication.

Closet Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide clean, gently used and at times new clothing for men, women, children and infants in the community.  Special donations of suits, dresses, and shoes for men and women in the community are accepted as they prepare for future employment.  When possible, assistance in fitting is provided to help the job seekers to dress for success for job interviews and for their forthcoming careers.

Culinary Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to coordinate the provision, purchase, ordering and serving of meals for all church events.  It also coordinates the orderly operation of the Coffee/Refreshment tables each Sunday, the provision/purchase/ordering of meals for various church events.  It is also responsible for:  the set up and break down of the food tables; ensuring that the areas are clean and inviting; that donated bread and pastries are picked up from select vendors and that breakfast beverages are available each Sunday.  This Ministry helps to usher in the warm welcome of CLC.

Discipleship Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to come alongside those who either answered the Call to Salvation, want to join the church or need prayer. This Ministry will provide one-on-one, same gender direction through the Word of God to facilitate a clear and audible understanding of what it means to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Door to Door Ministry

The Door to Door Ministry is CLC’s Outreach-Evangelism arm into the community.  The purpose of this ministry is to spread out into West Baltimore and beyond on a regular basis to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world in need of hope. This outreach ministry assists church members in carrying out Christ’s commission found in Matthew 28:19. 

Feed the Streets Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide free non-perishable groceries during Outreach events as well as throughout the community to offer opportunities to shine the light and love of Jesus Christ to the community.  This ministry works at the Our Daily Bread Meal Programs (Baltimore location) on a regular basis.

Foyer Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to prepare the entrance to the church and the Foyer area in a way which is inviting to church attendees and to present an atmosphere of hospitality. 

Hospitality Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to assist in the preparation for the serving of meals on the first Sunday of each month as well as for special annual church events such as the Church Anniversary, the Back to School Outreach, the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, the Christmas Dessert Fellowship, and all other designated outreach events.

Men’s Fellowship Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to assist the men to MATURE in Christ, MANAGE a healthy quality of living and to MOTIVATE them to draw closer to God. The monthly fellowships provide a time for the men to share the Word of God together in unity with Proverbs 27:17, to reflect on God’s power in their lives through Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, and to edify one another.

Sanctuary Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to coordinate and carry out the transformation and setting up of the sanctuary for worship, including the assembling of all audio-visual equipment, musical equipment as well as other essential accoutrements.

Security Ministry

The purpose of this Ministry is to prepare the security plan of action for CLC. The Ministry will help maintain a safe environment by monitoring facilities, providing visibility and a security presence to maintain building security. This involves gathering a Ministry of individuals that will serve as security in order to assess the church’s risk areas and build an environment of well-being with development of an inclusive security plan.

Social Media Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to post spiritual based and vital church information on social media and as another way for the community and others to know what God is doing through the church and, most importantly, as a way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  It also allows a forum by which parishioners and guests may share their impactful and life-changing experiences.

Sunday Café’ Living Bread Ministry

This ministry works alongside the Culinary Ministry each Sunday in the set-up of continental type edibles for nourishment for church attendees in a spirit of hospitality.

Usher Ministry

The purpose of the Ushers Ministry is to help escort God's people into the building and to their seats while maintaining an atmosphere of reverence and order before, during and after the service.  Ushers will meet and greet congregants with a warm and friendly smile to ensure all are welcome; provide directions and information as needed, help with seating needs, as well as hand out bulletins, tithing envelopes and other miscellaneous duties. 

Website Management Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is two-fold:  to manage sections of the church’s website to provide key church announcements and information on a weekly basis as well as to conduct website updates on a continual basis.

Women’s Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide a time for the Women of God to share the Word of God together each month, to reflect on the Fruit of the Spirit and the love of God through Jesus Christ as described in Galatians 5:22-23, to encourage women of all ages in their daily lives, to help draw other women both to and closer to God and to edify one another.

Worship and Praise Ministry

The purpose of the Worship and Praise Ministry is to lead the congregation in worship by singing to the Glory of God, with the focus solely on Jesus Christ and Him Glorified.  This is done in conjunction with the band.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The focus of the Impact Youth and Young Adult Ministry is based upon Matthew 5:16.  The purpose of the ministry is to provide a time for the youth and young adults to study and share the Word of God together and assist them as they grow in their knowledge of Christ.  This Ministry will also plan activities and events that are youth focused including field trips and back to school events.  An additional goal of the ministry is to gather information from the youth in order to assess their spiritual needs, and to learn about their goals, desires, and interests.